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CND Shellac Extender Base Coat (7.3ml)

CND Shellac Extender Base Coat (7.3ml)
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For up to 3 weeks wear. New brush design offering  full even coverage and helps to hide any nail imperfections.

  • Extends the wear of gel polish up to 3 weeks
  • Extends the wear of Gel Polish better than original base coat
  • Smoothes imperfections or ridges improving the nail appearance

No filing or buffing required.
Wrap the nails for 8-10 minutes and remove.

Protects nail plate
Promotes strong colour adhesion
Cures in 10 seconds with UV lamp

A base coat specifically designed for use with the CND Shellac brand 14+ day nail colour system. • Provides a superior adhesion layer for the CND Shellac colour coat to the natural nails. The first step of the Shellac application process. This base will secure the colour firmly and protect your natural nails from staining.


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