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CND Shellac Starter Kit 36W UV Lamp

Brand: CND

Product Code: CND Shellac Starter Kit 36W UV Lamp

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Our CND Shellac Starter Kit 36W UV Lamp starts from £84.95

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Azure Wish


Bicycle Yellow

Blue Rapture

Blush Teddy

Cake Pop

Cerulean Sea


Clay Canyon

Clearly Pink

Cream Puff


Crimson Sash


Dark Dahlia

Dark Lava


Desert Poppy

Electric Orange

Faux Fur


Field Fox

Fine Vermillion

Fragrant Freesia


Grape Gum

Grapefruit Sparkle


Hot Chilis

Hot Pop Pink


Iced Cappuccino

Indigo Frock


Lobster Roll

Locket Love

Lush Tropics


Midnight Swim

Mint Convertible


Night Glimmer

Nude Knickers

Pink Bikini

Plum Paisley

Powder My Nose

Pretty Poison

Purple Purple

Red Baroness

Rock Royalty


Rose Brocade

Rose Bud


Sage Scarf

Salmon Run

Satin Pajamas

Silver Chrome

Steel Gaze

Strawberry Smoothie

Studio White

Sugared Spice

Sultry Sunset

Sun Bleached

Tango Passion

Tinted Love


Tutti Frutti

Water Park

Wild Moss

Price: £84.95
Ex Tax: £70.79

With amazing value for money we offer the full range of CND Shellac colours. 100% genuine CND Shellac.  One colour kit starting from just £84.95.  Each additional CND Shellac shade is £14.00

Each professional starter kit has everything you need for salon quality nails and includes:

1 x 36w Premium Discount Nails UV Lamp with 120 seconds timer switch and 4 bulbs – 12 month warranty

1 x CND top coat

1 x CND base coat

CND Shellac Colours

10 x Discount nail shine wipes

1 x  Discount Nails 120ml soak off remover (100% pure acetone)

10 x CND removal wraps

1 x 4-way buffer block

5 x orange wood sticks

1 x stainless steel cuticle pusher

Detailed application and removal instructions

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  • 14 Day High Gloss Wear
  • No Chips or Scratches
  • Easy Application and Removal Process
  • Fast Drying Time
  • No Nail Damage

CND Shellac Application & Removal


  1. Prep nails prior to application.
  2. Set up UV lamp.

 How to Apply

  1. Shake each bottle before use to blend.
  2. Apply a thin layer of CND base coat evenly onto the nail surface and cure in the UV lamp for 10 seconds.
  3. Apply a thin and even first coat of CND UV gel colour polish and cure in the UV lamp for 120 seconds.
  4. Apply a second thin and even coat of CND UV gel colour polish and cure in the UV lamp for 120 seconds.
  5. Apply a thin even layer of CND top coat and cure in the UV lamp for 120 seconds.
  6. Wipe nails carefully with a CN shiney nail wipe to remove any sticky residue and to reveal that high gloss shine.
  7. Repeat this process on the other hand.


  1. Soak a CND foil remover wrap with CND nourishing remover and place directly onto the nail.
  2. Wrap the CND foil remover wrap around the fingertip and nail and squeeze to form a finger cap.
  3. Leave for approximately 10 minutes. With a twisting motion gently remove the CND foil remover wrap.
  4. Gently remove any leftover Shellac with an orange wood stick.


  • Shake each bottle thoroughly before each use to disperse the solvents which helps prevent evaporation and thickening.
  • Close the cap firmly when not in use. This will prevent solvent from evaporating in between services. It may be necessary to clean the neck of the bottle after use to ensure a tight closure.
  • Do not expose the bottle to light without the cap firmly in place. Exposure to light can begin the curing process; this includes sunlight and table lamps.
  • Replace the cap when you are not actually applying the product. This limits evaporation as well as exposure to light.
  • Apply at room temperature to ensure good consistency for application and eliminate fast evaporation of the solvents.