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Cinderella CCO Nail Gel (7.3ml)

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Have you dreamt that you were the one leaving the glass slipper as you ran from the ball after meeting Prince Charming?  We can't do anything about the slipper but we can certainly help you sparkle with the almost magical 'Cat's Eyes' UV Nail Gel from CCO.  If you have never experienced the witchcraft of what Cat's Eyes can do then you need to add this to your basket right now.

To create the Cats Eye effect a magnetic tool is required.  Available to purchase from this link for £0.95 >>>

After applying a second coat of cats eye gel polish place the magnet over the nails for 10-15 seconds to create the cat eye effect, and then immediately cure under the lamp.

14+ day wear

Cures in 120 seconds with UV lamp

Cures in 60 seconds with LED lamp