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Nail Files & Buffers

You can rely on us to supply all the right tools to perfect your clients’ nails with our superb range of professional nail files, buffers and blocks available in different grits and materials. 

Model: 4 Way Nail Buffer Block (Pack of 3)
4 Way Buffer Block provides natural nails with a deep, long lasting shine and encourages circulation. Made with a foam centre this buffer is easy to hold, flexible and durable making buffing simple and easy. ..
£3.95 Ex Tax:£3.29
Model: 4 Way Pink Sanding Block 100/100 Grit (Pack of 4)
These very popular pink 4-way sanding blocks are flexible and easy to use. Essential for the preparation of the natural nail when finishing and smoothing overlays. ..
£3.95 Ex Tax:£3.29
Model: CND-Blizzard-File-100/180-Grit
100/180 grit grey padded file.  100 grit reduces thickness and length on enhancements during rebalances. 180 grit shapes new and rebalanced enhancements.  Firm padding allows for control and faster refinement. Refines new and rebalances enhancements Shapes natural nails Leaves less resi..
£2.50 Ex Tax:£2.08
Model: CND Boomerang Padded File 180/180 Grit
180/180 grit grey padded file. 180 grit shapes new and rebalanced enhancements.  Spongy, soft padded abrasive conforms to nail, eliminating flat spots and providing comfort for the user. Refines new and rebalances enhancements Shapes natural nails   ..
£2.75 Ex Tax:£2.29
Model: CND Girlfriend Buffer 2400/4000/12000
2400/4000/12000 grit extra-thick padded buffer.  An extra thick, padded buffer that creates a high gloss shine that can last up to 6 weeks on natural or enhanced nails. 2400 grit reduces scratches in enhancements and natural nails. 4000 grit creates low shine on enhancements and natural nails.&..
£4.75 Ex Tax:£3.96
Model: CND Glossing Buffer 4000 Grit
Slimline glossing buffer. 4000 grit/slick shining surface, padded foam buffer. 4000 grit creates low shine on enhancements and natural nails. The slick shining surface products a gloss, wet-looking finish on enhancements and natural nails.   ..
£4.75 Ex Tax:£3.96
Model: CND Koala Buffer 240/1200
240/1200 grit grey and black buffer.  240 grit refines new and rebalanced enhancements. Perfect to remove shine from the natural nail and to shape natural nail.  1200 grit smooths new and rebalanced enhancements and natural nails. Soft padded abrasive conforms to the nail, eliminating flat..
£1.95 Ex Tax:£1.63
Model: Double-Sided-100/180-Grit-Emery-Board-(5 Pack)
A doubled sided nail file, with on side 100 grit and the other side 180 grit.  Used to take the length down and to shape side walls and free edge.  Not recommended for natural nails. ..
£3.95 Ex Tax:£3.29
Model: Double Sided 240/240 Grit Emery Board (5 Pack)
A doubled sided nail file, with grit 240 on both sides for a softer, finer grit can be used on natural nails. Ideal for finishing the nail e.g. buffing for a smooth finish or buffing away stains. Can be used for Natural Nails, Acrylic Nails and Gel Nails. An essential item for all nail technici..
£3.95 Ex Tax:£3.29
Model: Double-Sided Emery Board Files Banana Curved 2-Colour (3 Pack)
Banana/Boomerang Shaped Nail FileSuperior Quality Double SidedStrong and DurableUse it on Natural or False Nails and nail extensions etcIdeal for home use and professional usePerfect for manicureSize: Approx 17.8x2.9x1.2CMColour: Pink/White   ..
£3.95 Ex Tax:£3.29
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